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Take care of your Batteries:

If you've planned, schemed, plotted, and wrestled with contingencies for every possible risk to system availability, don't miss the most simple, but potentially devastating, possibility: failed UPS batteries. Ask yourself the following:

Do I have enough battery back-up?

When you initially purchased your UPS system, you probably planned for the right amount of battery back-up time for your environment. Unfortunately, times have changed, and your energy environment has become more hostile than ever. After analyzing your load and runtime specifications, space restrictions and recharge time, our Service Team will deliver the best solution to carry you through longer power outages. Options include additional battery strings and higher capacity batteries, with priority delivery and professional installation.

Are my batteries in excellent condition?

Accelerated degradation of UPS batteries can occur due to excessive use or high temperature. With the current state of utility service, your existing batteries may be suffering from more wear and tear than usual. Regardless of manufacturer and advertised life spans, these hostile conditions may drive the need for replacement in 4-6 years or earlier. You could be looking at weakened batteries when you need them most. Our Service Team can update your batteries with identical replacement models or upgraded versions, providing expedited delivery, full installation, and Provincial and Federal approved disposal of old batteries.

How fast can I get additional or replacement batteries?

Demand for batteries continues to outpace the supply or putting many end-users in a precarious position when emergency needs cannot be met in a timely manner. As a Power Control customer, you have access to priority delivery from the world leader in UPS batteries. We can supply fast-turnaround of additional battery cabinets, emergency replacements and can support scheduled installation of large quantities or additional battery cabinets at your convenience.

How can I make sure my batteries will work when I need them?

Don't play Russian Roulette with worn-out batteries. Regular checkups on your batteries give you the peace-of-mind that comes with minimizing risks to system availability. Our Service Team provides Battery Preventive Maintenance, so you can proactively detect battery problems instead of discovering weak batteries at the worst possible moment: when you need them to support your critical load. With Power Control Battery Preventive Maintenance, you get:

  • Comprehensive preventive maintenance service for either VRLA or Flooded batteries
  • Services performed quarterly, semi-annually, or annually
  • Maintenance procedures that meet and exceed IEEE guidelines and Manufacturers' specifications
  • Written evaluation providing you a historical record of your battery performance and recommendations for future actions

Can I track my battery condition continuously?

With Battery Monitor and Alarm advanced battery monitoring, you can rest easy knowing that critical battery parameters are constantly measured, alerting you to any out-of-tolerance conditions. The BMA uses state-of-the-art fiber optic technology to keep tabs on battery voltage, internal impedance, temperature, and string current. Tracking performance history, and the BMA notifies you with an alarm when any single battery component demonstrates degraded performance.

With our Service Team doing a comprehensive battery monitoring program, you and your UPS Batteries will be ready for anything. To Top